Friday 19 June 2009

Video: Remix 2009

Design, Sketching and Sketchflow

This is the video of my talk about designing, sketching, and the new "Sketchflow" tool from the remix conference last week. Sketchflow allows User Experience designers to mock up screen flows and screen wireframes very quickly. You are then able to transition the design to developers for them to do their bit.

You need to set aside about 50 mins to watch the whole thing.

There was a few hundred people in the audience, it ramps up about half way through when I demoed the product and people start clapping (nice crowd!). Overall, it was pretty well received.

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Jason Schluter said...

Hello Matt,

I was a sponsor at ReMix (Blender3DLive).

I was wondering if you know anyone in Aus. who would know a good Internet Designer.

Looking to hire someone for a project.


Jason Schluter