Sunday 11 April 2010

The iPad is a Couch-top device

I previously suggested that the iPad was best thought of as an eBook reader with extras.

In my opinion, the success or otherwise of the #ipad depends on whether they make books available in the store for normal computers / iPhone


blhouston said...

Nice post Matt. I'm really looking forward to trying this out. I think the tactile advantage can't be overstated. All the reviews I've read have mentioned how good it feels to actually touch the web pages you visit - it removes a layer of abstraction that you get when using a mouse - and therefore makes the experience more direct and connected.

Matt Morphett said...

Hey Bri, thanks.

As it happens, I had a go with one tonight at Mobile Monday in Sydney. A few people there had personal imports. On guy had just bought his on eBay. Apparently this latter option is pretty easy and possibly works out cheaper than the local price will. History suggests that Apple will honour US serial numbers when service is required. Back on topic...

It does feel very nice and natural. The response is so fast, the image so clear and the touch interaction is so direct that the notion of a "user interface" kinda melts away very quickly. In many instances, there are few buttons and no edge so you are just working directly with content. It is a somewhat immersive feeling.